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公募情報 Grant information of “2023 research grant program”

In order to implement carbon recycling technologies in society, there is a need to accelerate basic research on CO2 utilization. Further, established carbon recycling technologies have rarely been commercialized due to cost constraints and other reasons.

Under the carbon recycling policy, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan established the Carbon Recycling Promotion Office in February 2019, announced the roadmap for carbon recycling technologies in June 2019, and revised the roadmap in July 2021. Further, Japan declared that it would aim to realize carbon neutrality by 2050, and the declaration states that revolutionary innovations, such as carbon recycling, are key to achievement. Based on this, Green Innovation Fund was established, and carbon recycling was identified as one of 14 priority fields in Japan’s Green Growth Strategy. And yet, the private sector’s voluntary support in carbon recycling is considered essential for introducing carbon recycling practices into society.

Under such circumstances, Carbon Recycling Fund Institute (CRF) established the research grant fund to provide grant to research pertaining to carbon recycling based on the objectives as described below. For more, access the page below.


  • ●CRF focuses on the importance of promotion of innovation in carbon recycling and will begin a call for proposals through the CRF research grant activities.
  • ●Individual researchers (or teams), regardless of the organization they belong to, are eligible to apply. The program expects research results that contribute to the achievement of carbon neutrality by 2050 and is open to a wide range of fields ranging from chemistry, fuels, and mineralization to negative emissions such as biomass.
  • ●In collaboration with New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) and other organizations, the program has already produced achievements in the past that were conducive to state-sponsored projects. CRF also provides support in commercialization of research achievements.
  • ●CRF has been putting efforts into developing human resources such as launching the Carbon Recycle University (workshop-style training program) and expects many young researchers to take this opportunity.
  • ●Under the same objectives, CRF has decided to establish a startup category with a simplified application form.

※Applicants may submit application for both the startup category and the general category.

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