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お知らせ CRF publishes a proposal for carbon neutrality by 2050 — Toward net zero CO2emissions and new business creation through carbon recycling

The Carbon Recycling Fund Institute (“CRF”) has recently put forward a proposal calling for “Sustainable Carbon Society” based on carbon recycling, which will be underpinned by net zero CO2 emissions and new business creation through carbon recycling, in the hope of helping achieve the 2050 carbon neutrality goal.


The proposal has been compiled in response to the opinions and requests of the corporate members of CRF and is based on available surveys and analyses. Refined as a result of a series of dialogs with key stakeholders, the proposal emphasizes the three focus areas mentioned below. Dr. Yoshimitsu Kobayashi, CRF Chairperson, gave a presentation about it to the parliamentarians of the Liberal Democratic Party’s Carbon Neutrality Promotion Headquarters at their meeting on May 10, 2021.


Toward the realization of carbon neutrality by 2050, CRF will continue to work closely with the industry, academia, and government to have the proposal implemented.


Focus areas of the proposal

  1. Development and promotion of innovation and human resource development
  2. Improvement of the market environment
  3. Development in the global market


For a summary of the proposal, please click here.

For a full version of the proposal, please click here.


About the Carbon Recycling Fund Institute

Founded: August 30, 2019

Executives: Chairperson: Yoshimitsu Kobayashi (Chairperson, Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation)

   Vice Chairperson: Masayoshi Kitamura (Special Counselor, Electric Power Development Co., Ltd.)

Membership: 77 corporate members, 10 individual members (as of June 17, 2021)



For inquiries regarding the proposal, please contact:

Mina Kanda (Ms.)

info[at]  (Please change [at] to @)